Oysters are precious saltwater fare – A delicacy that requires a sip of something sparking to accompany them.

And in order to make improvements to the quality and availability of our fresh oysters and mussels …

We have recently installed a new natural environment oyster display at Kai designed to give you the freshest oyster and mussel experience.

  • Live is the freshest seafood can be.

With this new display we ‘bring the ocean to your table’, literally – It allows the oysters to live in their natural habitat until the moment they are ordered and served.

Our precise selection of oysters changes regularly, so that we can give you only the best of what is seasonally available.

The current live oyster selection includes:

Ostra Regal #3

-France (medium size)

Sought after by oyster connoisseurs, Ostra Regal oysters are very meaty with a unique crispy texture and well balanced taste which is the result of a long, technical growing cycle.


Fines de Claire GEAY Special #3

-France (medium size)

A result of rigorous selection, GEAY oysters are nutrient rich, ample and round. They are fleshy and crisp with a taste that is subtly sweet with nutty notes.


La Friandise Fines de Claire GEAY Special #4

– France (small size)

The Perfect Aperitif Oyster.

The little sister of the GEAY family of oysters. Slower to grow and hence smaller, but just as flavourful, meaty and soft like its bigger brother.


And for that something sparkling to pair perfectly with the oysters, there’s this special offer…

Only 990 for a Bottle of Prego Nero Prosecco

When you buy 6 or 12 oysters  (Normal price 1200)

*Kai Member Card points cannot be earned on this promotion


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