Kai “Fush & Chups”

Do you know the differences between battered VS crumbed fish? In both cases it is deliciously crispy πŸ˜‹

The original fish is coated in a batter which gives this crusty airy feeling and reveals the delicate flavour of the NZ fish. The other is more crunchy as it is coated in breadcrumbs. Kids’ favourite (and secretly grown-ups too 🀫). At kai NZ Blue Cod (RΔ€WARU in Māori) is one of our favorites 🐟 Considered New Zealand’s number one table fish with mild flavour and extremely tender meat, it contrasts with the crispy texture that you can’t resist!

You will enjoy the 100% satisafaction without being greasy !

At kai everything is fresh and homemade 🌱 Our NZ fish are sustainably wild caught, and our chips are homemade as well as our sauces.

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