Kai Story

We’ve taken a combination of New Zealand-ness and thrown into our countries cultural melting pot of international cuisine to create Kai New Zealand that is uniquely modern New Zealand cuisine. Kai’s personally imported ingredients include seafood, beef, lamb and venison. These items are available only at Kai, therefore, making us the leaders of uniquely New Zealand cuisine in Thailand.

Additionally, all of the local ingredients that Kai uses are sourced from ethically minded producers using as much free range, organic, chemical free and sustainable farming methods as possible. A strong emphasis is found on homemade products such as bread, ice cream, sauces, relishes, pies, bacon, sausages, pizzas, biscuits and other items all made in-house.

Of course New Zealand is not only noted for its food. Kai also carries the most extensive range of New Zealand beverages in Thailand. Including world-class wines, Kiwi craft beers, ciders & spirits and other specialty drinks only available at Kai NZ.

What makes us unique?

The food philosophy is simple : healthy and wholesome food cooked the way grandmother used to make it i.e. from scratch!

Our Kai (food in Maori) in broad brush strokes is about "Wild Caught Seafood", "Free Range Meats" and everything being "Homemade".

A simple philosophy but a labour intensive execution.

Born of New Zealand our mission at Kai is to provide natural, healthy & wholesome ingredients prepared and cooked by ourselves using traditional in-house technics and recipes, a number of which originated from our families and friends.

Being a New Zealand restaurant we are passionate at Kai about using as many quality New Zealand products as we possibly can, yet we are careful not to overlook top quality local products or those from other counties should we deem them the best we can access at the time.

This is why we source lots of wild catch seafood like all our NZ many fish & mussels, wild catch tiger prawns, crabs, squid and red snapper. Use only free range NZ beef, lamb and venison, organic free range chicken & eggs. NZ cream & butter, organic & chemical free vegetables, non GMO grains & flours and even NZ french fries. This is our starting point for a healthy & hearty meal.

Add the fact we also support a number of small local charity projects with many of our local products and you get to see yet another level to the people behind your food.

Add the fact we also support a number of small local charity projects with many of our local products and you get to see yet another level to the people behind your food.

What you end up with is very simple, “GOOD HONEST FOOD” and what we see as the added upside from this is that every single dish is a little bit unique. The small batch production and wild nature of many of our ingredients means that there are some slight variations, while carefully managed, these are what we like to celebrate at Kai because this is what REAL food (and life) is all about.

At Kai we are passionate about our food & DO NOT cut corners and we definitely DO NOT strive for commercial mass produced consistency by using average generic products filled with stabilisers, additives, flavour enhancers, colour agents, preservatives and who knows what else!

We are a restaurant for food lovers and not food show offs. We are a restaurant for people who care about their own health and the ones they love.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your time with us at Kai.


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